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Lounge Istanbul has improved its already high standards!

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Lounge Istanbul has improved its already high standards!

The lounge has been expanded and refurbished to provide our guests with a much more relaxed and comfortable travel experience.

Lounge Istanbul has added another 2,400 m2 to its existing 3,500 m2 to its location in the departure hall of Ataturk Airport. The expanded lounge adds a second floor to the existing space and nearly doubles its capacity to over 1,000 guests at a time.

Along with this expansion, the lounge also provides several new facilities enabling our guests to spend their time more comfortably before the flight.

Amongst its new services is a lovely little tea garden reminiscent of those found in Istanbul that provides an experience similar to places in the city where both residents and visitors can enjoy freshly brewed Turkish tea and simit, a traditional Turkish sesame seed bagel.

Or for those looking for a bit more excitement before their flight, there is a miniature model of Istanbul in which guests may experience a virtual car rally as well as play other game consoles and electronic diversions.

Turkish Airlines is a well-known enthusiastic supporter of golf worldwide, including its support for the “Turkish Airlines Open”, and as such the lounge also includes a realistic golf simulator for passengers interested in proving their skills while waiting for a flight.

Unique tastes of Turkish and global dishes

For those interested in Turkish cuisine, the lounge provides some of the unique tastes of Turkish and global dishes you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Amongst other treats, you’ll find freshly prepared pastries from Vienna’s famous pastry shop Demel.

Also, make sure not to miss the local corner where chefs prepare regional Turkish delicacies that appeal to both the eye, nose and the taste buds under a classically designed copper range hood--including “mantı” (Traditional Turkish beef ravioli) and “gözleme” (A traditional Turkish pastry dish of hand-rolled dough brushed with butter and eggs and stuffed with light savory goods). In another corner guests can sample famous specialties such as “pide” (Some say the original pizza) and “börek” (a pastry of phyllo dough stuffed with savories), both cooked in its special oven. Plus, throughout the lounge there are offerings of fresh fruit, salads, appetizers and nuts all offered as part of Turkish hospitality.

The lounge is operated by Turkish Airlines’ catering partner, TURKISH DO&CO, a group that has repeatedly won awards for providing Turkish Airlines’ passengers with the best meals in the sky.

What other facilities are offered in Lounge Istanbul?

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Printers and computers
  • Meeting rooms
  • Teleconference room
  • Cinema
  • A wide range of food and beverages
  • A wide selection of local and international papers/magazines
  • Library
  • Media wall
  • Prayer room
  • Showers
  • Massages
  • Billiards room
  • Suit rooms
  • Playroom for children
  • Golf simulator
  • Electronic diversions


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