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Paypal - Fast and secure online payments

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Paypal - Fast and secure online payments

What is Paypal
Paypal is the most widely used online payment service for secure transactions on the Internet, acting as an payment intermediary in every step of your Internet shopping for goods and services. Paypal is owned by eBay Inc., the world's largest Internet auction house and marketplace and operated in Europe from the Luxembourg-based, Paypal Europe. Paypal operates in 190 countries with more than 113 million active accounts in 25 currencies. In 2011, the total transactions made through Paypal reached $118Bil !

How does Paypal work?
Paypal works as a virtual account on the internet, an intermediary service between you and the e-shops or service providers. The Paypal account created during your registration is credited only from you when you wish, using your credit/debit/prepaid card or bank account. Using Paypal in a transaction requires only your Paypal account, i.e. e-mail and password you declared in the registration. From there on, Paypal completes the payment process by sending the required funds and without revealing any sort of sensitive data (names, credit card, details, etc.), as if it's Paypal that pays!

Paypal and security
Paypal operates within the highest Internet security standards. Every transaction through Paypal takes place in a fully secured environment using SSL connection protocols and high-grade AES-256bit encryption. All Paypal pages, from the registration or user login to the simplest service message, are using secured and encrypted connections between your browser and Paypal's server grid, rendering real-time data theft virtually impossible.
As a go-between payment processor, Paypal monitors each transaction from its start to completion and in the rare case of a problem, the user has the additional ability to inquire it using Paypal's support specialists, dispute a charge, or even have it returned.

Paypal's pros
Compared to most payment and transaction methods, Paypal is a sure winner:

  • Credit card or bank account data are securely stored in Paypal's servers and are never made known during a transaction. The seller's side can only receive the payment from Paypal for your purchase, without ever knowing more about you or your financial details.
  • All Paypal pages are strongly encrypted, without the possibility of data theft.
  • Paypal is continuously rating the level of the services provided by the sellers, thus increasing its credibility.
  • Using Paypal in your transactions saves you from the tedious and repeated input of your CC or bank account details, since you are only required to login to your Paypal account and then press Checkout.
  • Paypal's support department is always there to protect you from fraud or illegal charges. In case of a problem, you can communicate directly to resolve a case or have a charge returned to your account.

Registering in Paypal
You can register in Paypal simply by using your email address as a primary means of identification, along with a secure password of your choice. After confirming your registration, you must enter your credit/debit/prepaid card or bank account data to be stored in Paypal, so that Paypal can be able to successfully transfer money to/from your account and charge it appropriately.
Paypal will always e-mail or notify to inform you about the progress and completion of every transaction or any suspicious activity regarding your account's safety. Your personal and financial data are safely stored in Paypal's servers and only you can change or delete them.

Methods of payment
Paypal is processing payments and transactions with your account on your behalf and the money transferred to your Paypal account can be achieved by one of these ways:

  1. Connected to your Credit Card: For every purchase you make Paypal will charge your credit card, without revealing your data to the seller/e-shop.
  2. Connected to your Debit Card: The same with CC, but for every purchase you make Paypal will charge your debit card which in turn will draw funds from your bank account. In case your bank account has zero balance, transaction cannot be completed, so you always have to make sure to have adequate balance for your purchases.
  3. Connected to your Prepaid Card: In this case, every Paypal transaction draws its funds from your Prepaid card balance, which you can refill at any point when you need it. Prepaid cards are available in all current banking institutions.
  4. By Bank Transfer: You can transfer the amount you choose from your bank account to your Paypal account, using an easy procedure provided by Paypal. For a transaction to take place, your Paypal account must have adequate balance or it will not complete. Bank transfer is NOT recommended due to its high amount of time required for the transfer (5-7 days).

Paypal service charges
The ability for a quick and secure money transfer and the interconnections with almost all banks worldwide, make Paypal services affordable and in a reasonable cost. The cost of the services provided by Paypal vary from FREE to a few percents of every transaction, depending on account type and country.

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