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Ticketing Department

The driving force behind a travel & tourism Organization is the Ticketing department.

Our company has developed a solid network of cooperation with the airline industry, resulting in the ability to offer the most competitive prices in the world market in support of all the departments perating within KRONOS, the  ticketing department issues tickets at competitive prices for individuals and groups to destinations worldwide.

KRONOS Ticketing also issues tickets for charter flights and offers special economy fares as well as student and youth special fares. Last but not least it offers specially negotiated fares for first class and business class seats.

Our multi-year business relationship with international companies and the high level of services rendered, binds us to continuously discover and suggest the most appropriate alternatives.

Marine Department      

Our marine department is one of our travel organization’s strongest divisions.

Our strategic co-operations with all the main airline companies and the carefully selected travel associates around the world constitute a great asset in our activities.

The experienced staff secure a harmonious co-operation with marine companies all around the world by moving on a yearly basis thousands of people globally, ensuring their accurate and safe transportation.

Updating continuously our hardware and software enables us to be on a 24hour readiness to assist our customers and maintain the high quality of our services.

Corporate Accounts      

Carefully selected and experienced account representatives provide daily services to our corporate clients. Our invaluable know-how and strong relationships in the travel industry enable Kronos Holidays to provide timely services according to the needs and requests of our customers.

Kronos Holidays’ vision for excellent service quality and competitive prices is best achieved through the development of close business relationships with our corporate customers.

Our long-standing business relationship with international companies and the high level of services provided, commit us to constantly discover and propose the most suitable alternatives for our corporate clients.

Trade Fairs and Exhibitions    

The specialized section of Trade Fairs & Exhibitions is dedicated exclusively to the professional traveler for a problematic free participation in their important meetings.

All our customers’ travel arrangements are under our care, relieving them of any stress and worries about settling time-consuming details. The complete and timely design by our specialized department, offers our customers the opportunity to be informed and plan their participation in all major trade events worldwide (Milan, Paris, Shanghai, Guangzhou e.t.c).

Our long-term cooperation with airlines and hotels ensures for our customers participation packages at the best prices in trade fairs around the world and guarantees pleasant vacations like on vacation.


The long-term presence of Kronos Holidays in travel induction has made our company one of the most reliable in the organization of group and individual tours around the world. Our knowledge of destinations and the constant search for new places and cultures offers our customers a variety of alternatives ranging from relaxing holidays in the Seychelles or the Maldives to a cultural adventure in Beijing and the Forbidden City.

Utilizing our experienced things and collaborating with top business partners, we provide a variety of selected hotels and guided tours to all destinations, so that every trip becomes an unprecedented experience.

At Kronos Holidays we believe that state-of-the-art design, destination knowledge and high quality services guarantee a dream trip to take place

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